Edited, designed and bound by paula roush. Text by Mireille Ribière

Bus-spotting display

Photographs from the FOUND PHOTO FOUNDATION by Colin Stannard, Douglas F. Parker, G. Mead, J. G. S. Smith, Phil Picken, Robert F. Mack, T.E.S., T. L. Jones, and unknown photographers.

4 separate booklets in a slipcase 108 pages (B&W, duotone and colour)

Published by msdm 2016 in an edition of 250                      more info       




A Book, An Endless Love Affair

By Jan Baetens

BUS SPOTTING + A STORY, a collaborative work by Paula Roush (images) and Mireille Ribière (text) is a work to fall in love with. It is also the perfect example of what Borges called a book of sand – that is, a work that is apparently simple but actually infinite, since each time one reopens the book, it proves to have lost the pages one already knew while surprising the reader with new pages that she had never seen before… Read more