Catching The Light, artist’s book

Catching The Light - Sep. 3, 9.40 am


This work celebrates the wonder of light and colour in nature.

The title refers to the moment when something suddenly ‘catches’ our eye by ‘catching’ the light, thus creating a heightened perception of light and colour, which all too often we take for granted.

The eye perceives the colour of objects before the finer details of shape and lines ; and this all the more vividly at certain times of the day and the year, when atmospheric conditions make colours sparkle, or the contrast between light and shadow almost blindingly stark. We can recollect this experience in our mind’s eye, but capturing the dynamics of the glance remains a challenge for photography.

Catching the Light seeks to recreate the vibrant, fleeting intensity of that sensation and was conceived in the spirit of early photographic experiments with minimal subsequent digital adjustments. Each of the twelve giclee prints included in the book illustrates one of twelve steps from violet to magenta along the spectrum of the RGB colour space.

The book is made in such a way as to engage the viewers’ attention and imagination, by allowing them to handle the images, vary the order of presentation and view them from different angles.

58 pages (including 12 tipped-in pigment ink photographic prints) in a slipcase. Handmade edition 12 numbered copies.