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Georges Perec, Roland Barthes : l’élève et le maître

Throughout his writing career, Perec acknowledged Barthes as his master. Yet Barthes never recognized him as a major writer. This paper, first published in De Perec etc., derechef (Joseph K., 2005), examines in detail the similarities and, most importantly, the divergences between the two.


Georges Perec, an enabling figure. The example of ‘Columbus Day’

Although the work of Georges Perec is cited as inspirational by many writers worldwide, his legacy is perhaps most evident in the visual arts. This article examines how Perec’s work has informed my own practice as the author of Columbus Day, Central Park.


Essays on Roland Barthes

Three essays intended to accompany Roland Barthes  (Philosophy Insights, Humanities-Ebooks, Kindle edition, 2010) are now available online 

 – Barthes Early Years

Barthes Early Works

Barthes and the Theatre

Extracts from forthcoming photobook ‘Catching the Light’

Six images from the series Catching The Light are included in the latest issue of the Canadian online literary magazine

Ascent Aspirations Magazine

September and October 2014, Volume 18, Number 9 & 10

 ISSN 1715-085X


Exhibition in Johannesburg

Joburg Fringe 2014  (20-24 August 2014) at NW Maboneng Precinct : Aerial Empire Complex.

Artists: Almut Determeyer, Arlette Franks, Asanda Kupa, Ashley Heron, Bets de Bruyn, Charl Grabe, Chiedza Nyebera Pfister, Claire Rousell, Claudia Shneider, Dale Washkansky, Danielle Bischoff, Darlington Mautu, David Barkham, Deléne Human, Dros Rothchild, Ernest Bellingan Scott, Frans Smit, Gawie Joubert, Happy Dhlame, Ismail Zubair, Jackie Ruth Murray, Jamie hart, Jan Philip Raath, Janet Anderson, Janice Wyndham-Quin, Jessica Doucha, Jessica Foli, Jonna Slappendel, Kelly John Gough, Kirsty Fletcher, Kitty Schneider, Laetitia Lups, Lerato Motaung, Lisette Forsyth, Lorinda van Heerden, Marchand van Tonder, Maria Pienaar, Mark Straw, Marlene Carpenter, Marli Stey, Melanie Cleary, Mireille Ribière, Mudi Yahaya, Natalie Eastwood Smith, Nellien Brewer, Niel Jonker, Nqobile Victor Mkhungo, Philippa Graff, Ronald Muchatuta, Rosa Snyman, Rosemary Martin, Ruth Frances, Sally Berg, Sam Savage, Samson Mnisi, Sita Suzanne, Tabita Rezaire, Theresa Jo Wessels and Trevor Rose.