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This New Translation

This New Translation

This new, unabridged translation is based on the 1910 edition of Le Fantôme de l’Opéra published in Paris by Éditions Pierre Lafitte.

As befits a work of popular fiction, the issue of readability has been uppermost in my mind, particularly with regard to sentence structure. However, it seemed appropriate to mark the centenary of the first publication of the novel with a translation that also seeks to convey the flavour of the original. Phantom Mask This is why I have aimed for historical accuracy in terms of usage and taken the opportunity to evoke the prose of the English and American writers Leroux so admired – Conan Doyle, Dickens, Poe. I hope to have achieved this through particular attention to vocabulary, sentence flow and the use of distinctive phrases.

This translation differs significantly from previous translations of the novel, most notably as regards the descriptions of the Paris Opera House and of Erik’s dwelling. Gaston Leroux, who was a journalist and a theatre critic,  had first-hand knowledge of the building and borrowed extensively from the two volumes of Charles Garnier’s Le Nouvel Opéra de Paris (1878). My rendition of descriptive passages is therefore based on Modern Opera Houses and Theatres (1896–1898) by Sachs and Woodrow, who clearly consulted the same reference material as the novelist for their chapters on the Opera House designed by Garnier.